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July 21, 2004



I'd like to start a list of people we WISH were Jewish: Cesare Rosas and David Hidalgo, Ann Tyler, Kevin Henkes, Willie Nelson, Suzanne Vega, and Edie Falco are a few that make my list. But here's some good news: Michael Moore and Dr. Seuss -- both Jewish. And by the way, David, your blog is fabulous, and I crave more and more entries. Not just because I'm your sister.

Steve Portigal

I wish Bruce Springsteen was Jewish. Yeah, um, his real spelling was Springstein.


Did you know that White Christmas was written by a Jew? Irving Berlin.


Elvis Presley, Jewish



Excellent article -- and here I thought only Canadians played that game. Plus, I thought Canada had a lock on the comedians:

Dan Akroyd, John Candy, jim Carrey, Tom Green, Eugene Levy, Norm MacDonald, Mike Myers, Steve Smith, Thomas Chong, David Foley, etc. etc.

-- Wayne (Not Jewish or Christian, but a Canadian)


Although we (the Jews) cannot claim Tiger Woods for our team, we can still enjoy the fact that neither can our arch-rivals, the Christians.

In fact, Tiger Woods is a Buddhist. The religion was passed to him from his mother, who, no doubt, pointed out to him all the famous Buddhists on TV.


I'm Mexican and I know a great Mexican Jew; his name is Jacobo Sabludosky and he was the head of the Mexican news broadcasting for over 20 years and now his grand children go to Harvard where I met them, which by the way, they are known to give Tiffany's gifts to Harvard personnel at the end of the school year. Gotta love them!


In the TV series Bonanza, with Michael Landon, the role of the patriarch, Ben Cartright, was played by Lauren Green, a former member of our families' synagogue in Toronto. So here is another Jewish Canadian, but not a comedian.

How many of you remember Wayne and Schuster?
Also Canadian and probably Jewish, Jonny Weingarten (Wayne). Both went to Harbord Collegiate (high school) with my Dad and did the same schticks then as on the Ed Sullivan Show, 65 appearances, more than any other act.

-- Rich, former Canadian


i am from a s-t-a-u-n-c-h (props to little edie) christian home and we actually did play the "who's a christian" game. imagine the feeling of joy i had finding out that blair from "facts of life" had a crown of jewels waiting for her in heaven? or that football great rosie grier was doing it for the lord? (he also did needlepoint. i would suppose that was for the lord, too)


WIth regard to the Will Farrell version of the Chanuka song. There are errors

NHL: Schneider of Detroit, Halpern of Washington and a few others are Jewish

NFL: Miller of Pittsburgh, Fieldler of Miami, Rosenfels of Miami and a few others are Jewish. One of the drafted tackles on '04 is Jewish

MLB: Green of LA, Kapler and Youkilis of Boston, Levine of the White Sox, Ausmus of Houston, Lieberthal of Philly, Schoenweis of Chicago Sox, Marquis of St Louis, Newhan of Baltimore and a few others

NBA--no one--but Blutenthal has just signed an LA King 3 month contract

PGA - I do not know. SR PGA Tour: Fleisher, Levi, Hatalsky and others

Jesus and his disciples--Jews
All Hebrew Christians for the 30 years after Jesus death--Jews-an early religious requirement for entry into Christianity when it was a sect of Judaism

Many famous Christmas song-sung and written by Jewish composers/lyricists

Hopefully we can all learn to get along. The USA seems far ahead of many places in this world. The French should follow suit

Andrew Kushner

Great site. Here is one for you historians: Civil Way historian Shelby Foote, half Jewish, raised in Mississippi, grandson of itinerant peddler who married the plantation owner's daughter. Went to synagogue in his youth but converted in college due in face of anti-semitism he experienced.

Go figure.

Amber Doris

David you were a great inspiration growing up...So great, that when I was young...I used to want to be Jewish...seriously. I told Louise Allaire that we were Jewish..we just were celebrating Christmas that particular year. hehehe. the things us crazy kids do. Take care David...amber


Can we have our media back? -World

Jewish percentages in the media are sickening.


Frida Kahlo's father was Polish Jew

Hebee Heebstien

Ron Jeremy is a Jew too.

You all should be proud.


Jewey Schnozenstien

All of the Freidmans, Arnold, David (Silly Billy the birthday clown) and Jesse, all of them notorious convicted and self-admited serial child molestors, JEW.

Standing and applauding, you GO jews1


Would you please stop with the Jewish nationalism. We're all just the same human race regardless of ethnic background or colour.
I cant believe some of you WISH people were jewish - thats just crazy.
and im not anti-semetic, im jewish myself but this is the sort of stuff that gives jews a bad name


thanks for that last comment dave...i am of german jewish decent and i too think ethnocentricity has to stop in all its forms.....focusing too strongly on ones genetic or religious orientation is annyoing and is perceived by most as a form of racism....it is a tough question to answer though, where pride begins (which is ok) and eleitism does (which is bad bad stuff people and can bleed into an arrogance which is sickening)....

we are one race. i have never seen someone give a job to someone because they are 'chrisitan' but, sadly, i have seen this happen in the jewish community VERY often...'oh, why dont you just let sauls boy have the internship?' it is disturbing, unjust in the greatest sense of the word, and reinforces racial stereotypes people have about jews....it is exactly the same as if someone did not give someone a job because they were a jew....

we need to get along and nurture one another as an entire species....koreans, germans, blacks, christians, eskimos, jews, palestinians, muslims, french, latino, whatever.....

stop ethnocentricity!!!! most the wars on this planet come from ethnocentric origins.....it serves no one in moving toward a peaceful world


this is a funny blog though....


To the German Jew,

What's wrong with being proud of being Jewish, the same as i would be proud if i was Black, Muslim or American

mark trivial

Hollywood s never been holly. it s all the being led by jews. why you guys think that most of the actors and actreses are jews? just make a google search. .some of them changed their jewish names to christian names. i am not antisemite.. nothing wrong with being jew.. but i guess you know my point.
check out my blog for more..
nice blog..

Sem van Gelder

And don't forget the chess players! Let's confine ourselves to the world champions: Wilhelm Steinitz, Emanuel Lasker (for 27 years!), Michael Botwinnik, Vassily Smyslov, Michael Tal, Boris Spassky, Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov (half-Jewish, his father bears the name Weinstein).
And among the grand masters there are scores of them - listing all would take up more than a half page.

By the way, how about Vladimir Horowitz, Jascha Heifetz, Isaac Stern?
And the jazz musicians Stan Getz, Al Cohn, Lou Levy, Terry Gibbs, Teddy Charles (Cohen), Dave Brubeck, Sonny Berman, Red Rodney, Benny Goodman, Stan Levey, Shelly Manne, Herbie Mann etc.

Better I should stop already!


This is unbelievable, look and your stupid beedy eyes and your big crooked jew nose, I only wish you had all been finished off in those gas chambers. Someday we will see the end of your kind, and a good day it will be.

David Bernstein

I agree with NobodyLikesAJew. I am a jew myself, and I wish everyday that I had been born a life worth living. All the jews I know disgust me. They a trciky little scumbags. If you know one avoid him/her and if you don't, pray that you never will. Along with most other people on the earth, I do hope a second coming will arrive soon. I will gladly give my own life to take another 6 million with me. The filth on this earth will be wiped clean.


I'm not jewish, but I work for a media company owned by jews (what do you know) and you wouldn't believe what we get paid.
I know I should not complaint, maybe I should shut the f up and find a better job, but I couldn't resist the temptation and I had to give my opinion.
Is like they don't really value people, what they do for them.
They are mexican jews -like zabludowsky- and they (privately) own a spanish speaking media conglomerate. They make millions (about 106 last year) but obviously they don't like to share any of it.
salaries are about half of what the industry (spanish media) pays and only about a third of regular media (abc, nbc, cbs, fox, etc.) pays.
That's abuse, but then again, we let it happen.
Other than that, I have nothing against my bosses, and I have nothing against any other jew.
By the way, if you want to know who they are, just find out who produces the mexican version of -speaking of the devil- jerry springer, raunchier and practically uncensored.
The host name is jose luis.


Don't forget science.

"At least 176 Jews and persons of half-Jewish ancestry have been awarded the Nobel Prize,1 accounting for 23% of all individual recipients worldwide between 1901 and 2007"


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