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June 10, 2005


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As someone likewise claims to "talk too much" (enough to be fired? hmmmm) and happens to enjoy reading reasons for judgements as a hobby, I accidentally came across your blog. As a (very novice) peewee coach, I loved your ramble.

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In other words, if it ain't anything else, it must be growing pains.

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As a results, leisure time provides just enough window of opportunity for general misfortune to befall us with disturbing frequency.


so lucky to read your post, i will read your post time to time,thank you!

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Thank you for turning on comments.
Please see comments on "Who Jew?" for my first factual correction.

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Eerlijk gezegd, was zo onbeleefd. Het duurde maanden om die slechte gewoonten te halen uit mijn systeem. Maar de mens heeft een hoop tijd te besparen heb ik op vier manier stopt tijdens die eerste paar maanden terug in California.thank u!

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