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It seems a large number of corporate employees have no social grace or personal hygiene. Even sales specialists such as entrepreneurs and consultants, whose success depends on their appearance, seem to fall down on these most simplistic of presentation do's and dont's.

I once had a high profile client who kept delivering the dollars, but stunk to high heavens of week old laundry. I could barely breathe in his presence. Talk about a conflict of interest!

What's the solution? I would be pleased to hear any suggestions


RevStrat Man

I am amazed not by the entrepreneurial spirit in the Bay Area, but by the fact that these VCs all think they know everything.

The number of VCs I have met who throw out ideas that are stupid beyond belief is amazing. They sit there in funding meetings as some omnicient oracle and throw out "ideas." Most of them are worthless, or so it seems.

Someone please tell me why anyone should waste their time with VCs.

If you think you have a business that is good and solid, then you should build it on your own. Not through a VC. In my opinion they are all a bunch of idiots.

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