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July 24, 2006


Amber Doris

Hello David,

I know that I have already responded, personally, to this story...but I thought of something else. I was driving with my cousin, Briana, once and she made that inhaling gasping noise that you said didn't exist in the real world. Her gasping noise was followed by my laughter. I had to pull the car over as I laughed and she gasped as she listened and fully understood for the first time, the lyrics to Lola by the Kinks. It was a riot...and I think she may have lost a bit of innocense as she thought about homosexuality and transvestites for the first time....


Are you ever planning to update this blog again? Or are you just voxing out?

Mark Vane

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Thanks for your words of wisdom then, and your great music now.

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Thank you for turning on comments.
Please see comments on "Who Jew?" for my first factual correction.


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