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July 10, 2006


enoch choi

just finished watching Narnia with papa... your squid tale was perfectly rich to bring me giggling back down to earth!


Uh... why would anyone consider that order ironic? Seems you're really being hard on a waiter for taking your order literally. Japanese kids love sushi so this isn't necessarily a strange order.

Now put yourself in his shoes. You've been on your feet all day in a pretty crappy job at less than minimum wage. Having to filter each customer's sense of "irony" before they order is asking a lot. Sorry Dave, the blame falls on you for this one.


another classic Hornik moment!

Squid Delivery Service

So lets see, you are pissed off because you went to a ski resort in the summer time and had nothing to do, and because you and your wife both ordered squid at a sushi restauraunt and the waiter brought it to you. So now you are ridiculing the waiter for doing what you wanted and have even created a nickname for him which I can easily guess stands for something insulting.

So to what degree, then, is it appropriate that a waiter gets involved in the customers' family politics? If your children don't want to eat sushi, but as their parent it is something that you are making them do, say to broaden their cultural horizon or open them up to new experiences, then is it the waiters place to make a protest to the order on the children's behalf? even if he senses the children's distain for something like squid? Or perhaps the waiter did detect a bit of sarcasm when Dave ordered squid the first time, which is why when everyone had finished ordering he asked, "So did you guys really want those squids?" To which Dave's wife replied, "Oh squids for everyone." And now it is the waiters fault, right, because he wrote a note to himself on his hand and somehow that makes him socially inept. Maybe he couldn't find any paper and it was really important that he call his mother later. Or maybe you assume that because someone is a waiter that they must be uneducated or unintelligent, so it is then probably acceptable in your opinion to find reasons for fault on the waiter's behalf. I suppose if you had gone to Ben and Jerry's and ordered a double scoop of Fish food for everyone and they actually gave you the ice cream would you say that the people at Ben and Jerry's are incompetent and make up some insulting nickname for them? and then write some internet blog criticizing them behind their back.

So Dave I just want you to know how extremely insulted I am about your synopsis of events. Even more, I am extremely disappointed in the state of affairs and the lack of consideration that has lead someone to not only to blame someone for doing their job but to dehumanize them behind their back on some internet blog.

The next time you go out to eat order something on the menu see if they bring it to you, and the next time you go on vacation do a little research about where you are going. That should help you avaoid going to waterparks in the winter and ski resorts in the summer.




What a jerk you were being to Ron, you ordered the squid and then made some bizzare joke out of it. Yes indeed the next time you go to a steak house order a steak and wonder why it showed up. You really are an idiot.

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I frantically thrust open the door and prepared myself to fend off the kidnapper who had undoubtedly discovered my son in the many many tens of seconds I had been gone. And there he was . . . my four year old sleeping soundly. Next time we're skipping the redeye.


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